ALL ABOUT DATA4development


Data4Development strives to drive positive change through the power of data, providing efficient data management solutions that promote transparency and empower organisations to make informed decisions and achieve meaningful impact.


The Data4Development team works for organisations with a social purpose. They want to contribute their expertise to projects that benefit society. They are experts in data management and optimising processes.You benefit from our experience since we have been guiding transformations and implementing technical solutions in the nonprofit sector for years. You can profit from that experience too!

Founded in 2015, Data4Development rapidly made its mark by combining expertise in information technology with managing data and change processes. They gained the confidence of several organisations, helping them to increase their impact through efficiency savings in difficult technical areas such as IT and information management.

The team

Maaike blom

chief executive officer

Committed to working for a sustainable planet with people within companies and organisations who have an equal commitment.

Anna de vries

Principal Advisor

Anna is a creative problem solver with a passion for people, development and organising.



Cecilia is enthusiastic about enhancing the use of data-driven processes for social, environmental, and economic development.

Ana Ghiban


Ana is committed to improving the ways of working within international development. She is motivated by the pursuit of open data for increased accountability and better access to knowledge.

Saoirse Cushnan

Junior Advisor

Saoirse is a passionate marketing student with an interest in improving the efficiency of non-profits and working on marketing campaigns.