Building strong partnerships with…

Increasing aid transparency is the mission of The Open Data Company as Data4Development (D4D) & Zimmerman (Z) are now joining forces. The Open Data Company provides online data services to enable international development organizations to become more data-driven. Why: Zimmerman is specialized in providing data services and building data visualization platforms using open data standards […]

Building Our Team

In a short time the Data4Development team grew significantly to be able to service our expanding client base and the services we provide.

Growing Client Base

In 2018, Data4Development gained traction in the non-profit sector. Our client base grew exponentially as a result of the expansion of our services and recognition of our expertise.

Expansion of services

Data4Development expands its services in the areas of IT, security and assistance with compliance challenges.

IATI Expertise

In 2016 Rolf joins the team. With his experience and expertise in IATI, Data4Development increases its capacity to serve customers.

Foundation of Data4Development

After receiving positive feedback from PwC and gaining interest from the market through several NGOs, Maaike and Gyan decide to found their company Data4Development

Collaboration with Maaike

Maaike joins Gyan. Through her expertise in automating planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) processes, the business starts to grow rapidly.