DATA hackathon


A hackathon is a great way for your team to work together and build team chemistry. The time constraints of a hackday to encourage teams to work together quickly and stay as focussed as possible. We facilitate hackathons that not only bring out the best in people, but give you a chance to approach problems from a different angle.


  • How it works

A Hackathon is an event where your team members will be divided into groups. These groups will then individually look for the best solution to a proposed key question. The length of a Hackathon can vary and depends on available workers and complexity of the question. D4D will be there with you organising and facilitating the event. Experts of D4D will join your team members to tackle the questions.

Doing a Hackathon consists of 3 steps:

  • Survey relevant stakeholders and staff to identify the current key processes, the resources and timeline. 
  • Desk research and analysing or mapping relevant information to design the hackathon (determine the objective/output, the teams and timeline). 
  • The actual Hackathon, where all teams will be provided with the baseline analysis/mapping and will come out with recommendations to make the process more effective.
  • D4D will provide you with a summary of the recommendations shared during the Hackathon.

“I would like to thank the D4D team for the quick and continuous support! I have never worked on IATI before and you made it an easy and simple task. You remained available for answering all the questions and you were very flexible and open to explain several times IATI requirements and how to fill in the data. Thanks again for your support!”

Cynthia Rahy
Senior Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer, Berytech