16 Apr
IATI training
Join the IATI Journey

How do you use your mountains of organisational data to increase your impact? One way is to let us take you on a IATI journey. From producing your first IATI publication, to using IATI data to make data driven decisions, to improving your data quality. Wherever you are in your IATI journey, Data4Development is here...

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14 Apr
IATI during Covid-19
Publishing IATI data on COVID-19 activities

Open Data has proven vital for combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. This raises important questions about producing, sharing and using IATI Data as well as highlighting the need for data-driven decision making.

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09 Apr
IATI Users
How many organisations are mentioned in the IATI data? Part 2/3: deduplicating organisation names

In Part 1 of this mini series we tried to get an idea of the number of organizations that are mentioned in the IATI data, by simply counting the number of unique names, mentioned in the organization fields in IATI. From a preliminary analysis of the 92k unique “organizations” we could identify several obstacles, of...

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24 Mar
IATI Users
How many organizations are mentioned in the IATI data? Part 1/3: The challenge

On my first day as a Data Scientist at D4D I was asked if I could count the number of organizations that are mentioned in the IATI data. It sounds like a simple question, but it turned out to be quite a challenge. Although it is clear that there are 1085 publishers (november 2019), nobody...

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19 Mar
How we work together while being apart

As a flexible data company, the decision to start working from home was a no brainer for the team of Data4Development. And since the nature of our work does not require us to meet in person, we can continue to deliver the same quality as prior to the coronavirus measures.  Nevertheless, we are probably experiencing...

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28 Feb
IATI Validator
Improve your IATI publication for the next round of Strategic Partnerships

The Dutch Ministry has specifically put emphasis on IATI by including it in the new version of the Organisational Risk & Integrity Assessment (ORIA). All the more reason to improve your IATI data quality like SPARK did!

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19 Feb
IATI Dashboard
IATI Alliance Dashboard

For your strategic partnerships you will be working in consortia. We have previously talked about creating a shared space for your consortium to collect and analyse your results, progress and impact. One way to do this would be an (IATI) alliance dashboard: a digital dashboard based on (IATI) data for all the organizations in the...

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12 Feb
chemical engineer
A new addition to the team

Time flies when you are having fun. It has already been 3 months since I started as a data scientist at Data4Development in November 2019. Since then I have worked on interesting questions, met wonderful people and learned a lot. In the coming weeks/months I will be telling you about some of the things I...

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05 Feb
Salesforce Netherlands Nonprofit User Group
Cooking Data: Perspective from a data scientist

Data4Development was honored to be invited to present at the Salesforce Netherlands Nonprofit User Group earlier this week. The focus of the conversation was about getting a grip on data and data science.Maaike Blom drove home the importance of embedding Data-driven decision making at the core of all non-profit organisations to reach lasting results and...

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