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Maaike Blom
Managing Director

Committed to working for a sustainable planet with people within companies and organisations who have an equal commitment.

Maaike is a change manager, strategist and initiator of new concepts aimed towards simplifying and making work easier. She is a Managing Director with more than 20 years of experience in the development sector as a manager, fundraiser (MFS applications), Monitoring & Evaluation specialist and public-private cooperation. She was also responsible for entering the IATI standard, together with building a project management system at Terre des Hommes.
Gyan Mahadew
Managing Director

Every assignment demands full attention. Gyan has an overview and manages to never lose track of the main goal: to add value for all clients.

Gyan thinks beyond the conventional borders of a project. The project only ends when all participants are satisfied. The focus is not solely on IT, but on all possibilities that it brings, so Gyan can add even more value to the organisation.
Rolf Kleef
Chief Tech Officer

Looking forward to harness the power of Linked Open Data, the semantic web, and computer-assisted information and knowledge management and discovery.

Rolf is looking for the power of Linked Open Data, the semantic web, and computer-assisted information and knowledge management and new trends. He has more than 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector in the field of internet & online collaboration and knowledge and information management. At this moment Rolf helps organisations to publish open data and realise IATI trajectories. In recent years he was a trainer at the IATI capacity building trajectory of Partos. He is also a member of the thematic Civil Society Working Group within the Technical Advisory Group of IATI.
Anna de Vries
Senior Advisor

Anna is a creative problem solver with a passion for people, development and organising.

Advisor with experience in project management in the development sector: monitoring and evaluation, fundraising, screening and organisation. Anna enjoys combining substance with functionality. She is analytical, insightful and proactive with an eye for people and their needs.
Ruben Ort
Junior Advisor

Ruben is enthusiastic & motivated to learn and help others in a world that’s rapidly changing.

Ruben is a 23 year old Commercial Economics student. He already has 2 years of full time experience in Sales and is looking to broaden his horizon in the field of Marketing. In his experience he has learned a lot about people and what drives them. Now he wants to use this knowledge to help others.
Marianne Morgan Allam
Junior Advisor

Marianne is a junior advisor motivated by social sustainable changes.

Convinced of the importance of an inclusive society, Marianne works with passion to implement new communicative outreach strategies for civil society organizations.
Tadesse Stifanos
Junior Advisor

Driven by opportunities that deliver social impact, Tadesse is eager to learn and contribute to that end.

As a student, Tadesse was active for Amnesty International where he set up and coordinated a human rights dialogue campaign aimed at students. Working for the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV), he furthermore experienced the importance of an inclusive and fair society. At Data4developement he wants to develop his skills and gain the knowledge that can help him achieve his goals.
Sil Bressers
Work Student

Sil is committed to make data work for non-profit organisations and support the marketing team.

Sil is studying to be a history teacher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science but has a strong interest in the business life. As a working student at Data4Development he is learning many different things to apply in the future. Sil has a free role within the team and helps wherever deemed necessary.