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Why Data Literacy Training?

90% of nonprofits collect data, 49% do not know how their data is collected and only 5% use data to make decisions. [1] There is a knowledge gap between the team responsible for data analysis and the average nonprofit employee with managing and analysing data. In today’s data rich age, it’s not just the job of data experts but a responsibility for everyone to understand, use and communicate with data effectively.

To future-proof your organisation requires everyone to be data literate. Making sense of data is no longer just a skill of data experts, but is an essential skill for anyone. The Data Literacy workshops are therefore inclusive for everyone. From beginners, who can start building a foundation to advanced team members, who can reinforce their skills, mentor others and help your organisation lead with data.

Data Literacy training at Save The Children Netherlands

Custom Data Literacy Workshops

With the Data Literacy Journey, D4D intends to aid development organisations to Collect, Analyse, Visualise and Predict in order to embed data driven decision making in your organisation’s DNA! D4D believes in a hands on approach and recognises using business cases from within the organisation throughout the learning journey.

Let us be your guide on your journey to data literacy

We offer data literacy workshops tailored to your organisation’s needs, where staff will get to increase their understanding by working with their own data. We guide organisations to use their data better and organise their internal processes around data.


Want more information? Read more about our data literacy workshops or get in touch with us.

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