11 Aug
Dutch relief alliance
DRA Alliance Dashboard Development: How we work agile

Over the last few months Data4Development has worked extensively to improve selected functionality of the current Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) dashboard. D4D continues to host the dashboard on its own Data Workbench platform with periodical updates. We worked in an agile way tackling one issue after another to improve the dashboard. In the first sprint,...

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03 Jul
Project Change! Migration complete

Can we have a single source of truth and find a way to synchronize the worlds of Finance and Project Management? This was the core question we have helped solve at Hivos. The Hivos ‘Project Change!’ involves implementation and data migration from an end of life ERP solution to a new cloud solution that combined...

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30 Jun
Project succes
Current and previous customers about our added value for your Strategic Partnership

For the past months we have been saying we would like to be your innovation partner to think alongside you and add value to your Strategic Partnership proposal in terms of digital innovation, data drivenness and increased transparency. Today we want to give the floor to current and previous customers, whom we’ve worked with on...

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05 Jun
The power of innovation through digitisation

Today is the day of the Partos hackathon as part of the Spindles digital journey. One of the Joined Action Groups is working on building a platform/marketplace for digital innovations. On this platform NGOs can search for existing digital solutions, leave comments with their experience of the products and look at the reviews from others....

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28 May
Data literacy
Data Literacy: why it matters for your organisation

A few questions on data literacy answered by the Data & CRM manager from Save the Children NL.

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24 Apr
Data feminism
Learning and applying Data Feminism

Those of you who know Data4Development closely, know that we are encouraged to learn and grow besides our regular work. This week for learning I spent time attending a webinar hosted by Data2x on Data feminism as well as spending time reading Cythia Enloe’s book ‘The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging the Persistence of Patriarchy’....

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05 Feb
Salesforce Netherlands Nonprofit User Group
Cooking Data: Perspective from a data scientist

Data4Development was honored to be invited to present at the Salesforce Netherlands Nonprofit User Group earlier this week. The focus of the conversation was about getting a grip on data and data science.Maaike Blom drove home the importance of embedding Data-driven decision making at the core of all non-profit organisations to reach lasting results and...

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06 Jan
Open tea - Save the Children
Open Tea 2020

On January 16th, we will organise the first Open Tea of 2020, in cooperation with Save the Children. During this edition, speakers from SPARK, Save the Children and Data4Development will take the stage to share their data experience and -challenges.

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20 Dec
Data Literacy for Data-Driven Decision Making

Earlier this year, Data4Development was approached by Save the Children Netherlands (StC) with the question: how can we, at Save the Children, increase our data literacy to become more data-driven?  This question made our hearts pound as data-driven decision making and data literacy run through our veins! To tackle the challenge of StC and support their trajectory towards Data Literacy, we designed a Data Literacy Journey.

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23 Sep
Data driven decisions
How D4D makes data driven decisions

“Lead by data driven knowledge” has been D4D’s slogan since our start in 2015. Our purpose is to support NGO's and non profit organisations with improving the way they produce and use their data in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of  their activities. The term 'data driven' can be ambiguous. It is quite a broad and intangible concept. Last week, D4D had an evaluation meeting about its content and outreach strategy, supported by clear data. This example shows how, at Data4Development, we practice what we preach.

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