scan & Strategy


An information scan helps you understand your current IT landscape. D4D helps you to make an accurate diagnosis of what your information needs are in relation to your IT environment. Together we create a plan to get started on your transformation.

We mirror to the organisation’s reality by executing a development project because it is important to have a baseline before executing the intervention. Otherwise, how would you know what to improve and if the intervention has been effective? This rhetoric is the same when it comes to your application landscape. Our information scan is your baseline.

information scan & strategy

By indicating the steps between the current situation versus the required situation, the must-haves and the nice-to-haves, we can help your organisation to create a plan on how to improve your IT infrastructure in support of your core processes.

If for example the IT-landscape has been neglected, then this can pose risks towards the business continuity of the organisation. By identifying the gaps with the help of the information-scan, a proper roadmap can be made to improve the suitability of your application landscape, so your organisation will be able to maximise its impact and be a front runner.

D4D thinks alongside you about your IT landscape, your ambitions and requirements, and how your applications communicate with each other so that your IT matches the social objectives you wish to achieve.

D4D helped us with implementing a new application, and I was happily surprised with how quickly we gained extra functionality from the Finance Module. I had expected that the work for our colleagues might be a bit simplified in a year from now but now getting a financial report was already very easy! I definitely saw the Finance Manager smiling broadly as a result of the work done so far!

Thomas Klompmaker
Manager Finance, Support & Control, Hivos