Navigating the Nonprofit Data Landscape: A Journey with Wilde Ganzen

Wilde Ganzen was ready to embark on a journey to become a data-driven organisation and gain a clearer understanding of their progress. With a starting point of having their house in order, but being uncertain on the next steps towards their goal, they approached Data4Development as an experienced third-party expert to lead them towards their ambition.


Unravelling the challenges

Through further investigation, we together identified a number of data related challenges, from scattered data to inconsistent reporting and the untapped potential of their project management application. From these challenges, it was important to focus on certain key concerns and opportunities for improvement.


Building a strategic dashboard

By forming a project team comprising data representatives from different departments, we collaborated closely to craft a clear and focused Power BI dashboard. This dashboard zeroed in on essential KPIs, providing Wilde Ganzen with an internal tool to gauge their progress and impact.

Collaboration and embedding data-mindedness

With our prioritised focus areas in mind, we worked hand-in-hand with Wilde Ganzen to systematically address their concerns throughout the organisation, both at the strategic level and across departments. This approach helped to refine data, questioning its purpose and measurability, making it meaningful. This collaboration also paid off by resulting in a better data culture, which will continue to benefit them in years to come.


Marian, the Salesforce CRM manager at Wilde Ganzen, spoke highly of our role in this partnership:


The greatest added value of D4D is in their role as a knowledge partner, where they really roll up their sleeves to take KPIs and measurement plans to a higher level. They know how to separate sense and nonsense and bring order to existing processes and systems. I am really impressed with the knowledge and skills of the people at D4D that I have worked with so far.


Key takeaways from the project

  • Precision in KPI formulation: Clear and concise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are pivotal. The more transparent the KPIs, the easier it becomes to measure them and identify the required data. Clarity in formulation enhances the effectiveness of measurement.

  • Transparency in measurement processes: It is important to illuminate the method of measurement, the metrics being measured, and the analyses undertaken. Documenting these processes for repeatability ensures clarity and helps avoid confusion during measurement verification.
  • Organisational knowledge empowerment: We observed that fostering a reservoir of knowledge within the organisation is valuable. Organisations going through similar transformations can consider forming a data team with representation from each department. Distributing knowledge strategically ensures a collective understanding and effective utilisation of data resources across the organisation.

We also learned a lot from Wilde Ganzen themselves during this project. They showed us how important it is to have a positive and open attitude towards working with data when it comes to being more data-driven as an organisation. People, after all, are the key drivers of cultural change – their willingness is needed to shift approaches.

As Wilde Ganzen continues its journey towards data-driven decision-making, we invite you to explore the transformative power of strategic focus. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of a strategic dashboard for your organisation, consider checking out our Strategic Dashboard offer.