With our unique combination of expertise in nonprofits and digital solutions, Data4Development is well-positioned to represent organisations’ interests as they navigate the world of technology.

With over 7 years of experience providing consultancy services to nonprofits, Data4Development understands the specific challenges that these organisations face, including: 

  • Balancing the organisation’s strategic goals with the needs of other stakeholders (donor requirements, implementing partners, etc.);
  • Keeping up with complicated and changing international (aid) reporting standards (e.g. IATI, ISO, GDPR); 
  • Introducing standardisation to complex realities and aligning internal processes, bringing project management and finance together;
  • Collecting, analysing, and using data effectively for both external (reporting) and internal (steering) purposes;
  • …and many more.

Why nonprofits?

Data4Development works exclusively with nonprofit organisations. We see them as key players in promoting sustainable development, fighting injustice, and prioritising people and the planet over profit towards a better future. Data4Development helps nonprofits thrive in light of today’s international development sector demands. We help them navigate the complexities of data use, reporting standards, and organisational processes so they can carry out their work more efficiently and have a greater impact.

Why Tech?

We believe in the power of tech for good. We collaborate with numerous tech suppliers in the Netherlands and beyond while holding a neutral position in the market, seeking to find the best digital solutions for each organisation’s needs. Our services include: 

Advocating for the best digital solutions to tackle challenges with our market knowledge of IT applications for project management, finance, CRM, data visualisation, and more

Translating nonprofits’ specific needs into a suitable data model

Guiding IT application configuration to fit organisational structures and processes

Increasing nonprofits’ knowledge of data and technology, enabling them to become informed sparring partners with tech providers

Promoting flexibility for sustainable and adaptable application landscapes

Our approach

Data4Development uses a holistic approach that integrates people, process, and technology. 

To be an effective solution, technology must be aligned with an organisation’s internal processes; likewise, these processes must be intuitive and work for its people. People, in turn, must understand how to use digital tools to support and facilitate their organisational processes. 

We view the interplay of these three elements as key to successful organisational change.