Team & Expertise


Data4Development strives to drive positive change through the power of data, providing efficient data management solutions that promote transparency and empower organisations to make informed decisions and achieve meaningful impact.

Our Origins

Co-founded in 2015 by Maaike Blom, Data4Development was created to help non-profit organisations navigate the ever-changing world of information technology and data. After dedicating the majority of her professional life to working for various NGOs, Maaike began to notice a pattern: in every position, she found herself optimising processes and promoting efficiency. Combining her first-hand experience of NGO’s unique challenges with the power of IT, Maaike founded a consultancy focused on data-driven solutions for organisations to maximise their impact.

Who we are

Maaike blom

chief executive officer

Committed to working for a sustainable planet with people within companies and organisations who have an equal commitment.

Anna de vries

Principal Advisor

Anna is a creative problem solver with a passion for people, development and organising.

Rob van Zutphen

Power BI expert (Project based)

As a Power BI expert and Co-Founder of Easydash, Rob enjoys helping companies reach their data potential and make data driven decisions with meaningful steering information.

Chiara Politano

Junior Advisor

With her anthropology background and experience with non-profit organisations, Chiara is eager to apply her knowledge towards promoting Data4Development’s initiatives and messages in an inclusive and impactful manner.

Fendi Vos

Finance expert (Project based)

Fendi is a practical strategist and bridge builder with a passion for facilitating non-profit organisations. He is committed to using his financial expertise to contribute to change for good.