Strategic Dashboards

your first step to data-driven decisions

For many organisations, getting from raw data to meaningful insights on your progress can be a challenge. D4D guides you in developing a focused strategic dashboard in Power BI, helping you make data-driven decisions.

What could it look like?

We guide you in developing an easy-to-use visual dashboard that captures the most important indicators. This way, your data becomes measurable and understandable. We showcase your insights using a clean design that matches your organisation's brand identity. Check out our live sample dashboard below! Make sure to click around and explore all the different layers.

The greatest added value of D4D is in their role as a knowledge partner, where they really roll up their sleeves to take KPIs and measurement plans to a higher level. They know how to separate sense and nonsense and bring order to existing processes and systems. I am really impressed with the knowledge and skills of the people at D4D that I have worked with so far.

Marian van Weverwijk, Salesforce CRM manager

Wilde Ganzen

What's next?

A clear-cut dashboard in Power BI and guidance in setting up the relevant KPI measurements.

€15.000 (excluding VAT)

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reference material

Interested in our how our approach works in practice? During a workshop with Goede Doelen Nederland, we presented a case study from our recent collaboration with Wilde Ganzen. We discussed the key learnings from working with a strategic dashboard and their steps towards data drivenness. Download the (Dutch) presentation here.