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In a world full of data, we make data work for you. We turn data into useful information so you can make an impact. A better understanding of data enables you to make the right decisions. Let us help you creating more transparency through your IATI publication. Let us cut the clutter and design a framework to measure your organisational performance on various levels. This way we guide you in your transformation to become a data-driven organisation. Let data work for you so you can work on creating a better world.

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Data is not an end in itself, but a means to achieve your goals. Generating more impact, that's what it's all about. Data4Development has built up enormous expertise in IATI tools and services. We guide organisations in the publication, usage and improvement of their IATI data. We do this, for example, by providing IATI training courses and developing a custom-made IATI dashboard for your organisation.

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more transparency

Governments in Europe demand full transparency of your funding, your activities and your results. Reporting in IATI is the standard. With IATI you can clearly map out all your information processes. What goes where and what are the measurable results. Moreover, decision-making in your organisation is increasingly becoming more evidence-based because you’re working with data to substantiate your assumptions.

data4development in 60 seconds

D4D first selected well suited products for our financial and project administrative systems. Then they counselled the development and fine tuning of the system for Hivos and helped prepare to set it up. D4D has a very capable and committed staff that are very pleasant to deal with. During the entire process they really started to understand the Hivos culture and the way that translates to the result of our services. I would definitely recommend D4D!

Tini van Goor
Project Manager Change, Hivos

Our partners

Increasing aid transparency is the mission of The Open Data Company as Data4Development (D4D) & Zimmerman (Z) are now joining forces. The Open Data Company provides online data services to enable international development organisations to become more data-driven. 

TolaData is a cloud-based monitoring and evaluation platform (based in Berlin) that supports monitoring and data management with tools for planning, tracking, aggregating and reporting results in real-time.

Data4Development & Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy (HVFC) are partnering to support NGOs on embedding information and data management in their organisations in order to increase their impact. 

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