Bridging nonprofits and technology

Data4Development bridges the gap between nonprofit organisations and technology. With 7+ years of experience working exclusively with nonprofits, we understand their unique challenges. We advocate for the power of technology for good, finding the best digital solutions to tackle each organisation’s needs. Our holistic method, integrating people, process, and technology, considers all three factors and their interplay as crucial to enabling effective change.

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Data4Development works with three main pillars: Data, Transformation, and IATI. Within these areas we offer a wide range of services.

We want to help your organisation maximise its impact. The visual to the right illustrates some examples of how we do it.

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Projects that benefit society

At Data4Development, we work for organisations with a social cause. As experts in data management and process optimisation, we have been successfully guiding transformations and implementing technical solutions in the nonprofit sector for over seven years. We want to contribute our expertise to projects that benefit society, taking a supporting role so your organisation can focus on doing good better.

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Our Collaborations

Increasing aid transparency is the mission of The Open Data Company as Data4Development & Zimmerman join forces. The Open Data Company provides online data services to enable international development organisations to become more data-driven. Learn more

Goede Doelen Nederland is an umbrella association of recognized charities based in the Netherlands. Together with GDN, Data4Development aims to help the Dutch nonprofit sector become more data-driven. Member organisations can make use of special benefits, for example on our discounted rates. Learn more (in Dutch)

IATI is a global initiative to improve the transparency of development and humanitarian resources and their results to address poverty and crises. Learn more

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