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What is needed to transform your organisation?

To become a data-driven organisation, you have to take three main components into consideration:

  • people
  • process
  • technology

Based on the interaction with our clients, we usually notice that a lot of organisations have a typical cycle of 8 to 12 years regarding their use of core applications as finance & program management. If you take into account the velocity of the technology then, selecting an application that fits your organisation needs can be challenging.

At Data4Development, our expertise serves to help non-profits. Indeed, we keep track of technology to make sure all efforts towards their organisational goals are as effective as possible.

visualisation people, process and technology


D4D first selected well suited products for our financial and project administrative systems. Then they counselled the development and fine tuning of the system for Hivos and helped prepare to set it up. D4D has a very capable and committed staff that are very pleasant to deal with. During the entire process they really started to understand the Hivos culture and the way that translates to the result of our services. I would definitely recommend D4D!

Tini van Goor - Project Manager Change

We hired D4D as a Project Manager Google-implementation and as an advisor to help us with upgrading our IT infrastructure. They are driven, committed, loyal and know how to quickly and adequately react to a changing situation. They make their deadlines and don’t just provide you with feedback but also alert you in advance. This way you won’t get any surprises.

Ruud van den Broek - (Senior) Beleidsmedewerker
Protestantse Kerk Nederland

The D4D team worked to professionalize IT within Terre des Hommes. All our worldwide offices are now connected and use topnotch technology and equipment. This helps me to always have access to information and be in touch with all my colleagues worldwide.

Liesbeth Zonneveld - Head of Programmes
Terre des Hommes

When we were looking for a good solution for our CRM, D4D provided us with advice that we could really use. They were very pleasant and focussed on us!

Peter van den Ende - Interim Directeur
Dit Koningskind

For Who?

  • IT Managers
  • Application Managers
  • Programme Offers

...and are you looking for ways to get more out of IT? Maybe an outdated system is holding you back, or maybe your way of working isn’t ready for a new IT sytem. Data4Development can advise you every step of the way and make sure your organisation is always up to date.

How we work

Situation scan

D4D helps you to make an accurate diagnosis of your IT environment. Together with you, we create a plan and provide you with the tools you need to get started on your transformation. Through thorough market analysis, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be assessed to help you better understand the value of your data.


D4D will use their expertise on what your organisation needs to process all your data. After understanding your needs, D4D will make a selection of possible suppliers that meet your requirements. Then, D4D will assist in the negotiation phase to ensure the best outcome for you.

Implementation & Support

D4D will design your system and project organisation. They will make sure the system meets the requirement and accommodate you with a detailed process description. D4D will provide user training to equip your team to communicate efficiently. Moreover, D4D has a support desk to help you with your questions.

Use cases

D4D is a front runner in providing transformation services expertise to non-profit organisations.

We are active within the transformation sector and always looking for new ways to improve application management and to reach organisational goals on both strategic as well as technical level.

We have worked with (among others):

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