The International Aid Transparency Initiative

Better known as IATI. You might be familiar with it as you are already publishing in IATI, yet you might also be new to IATI.

We have built vast experience in IATI and offer IATI products and services to guide organizations in producing, using and improving IATI data. Do you want to take you first or the next step in IATI? Wherever you are in your IATI journey,

Data4Development is here to help you step up.


Data4Development were knowledgeable, pro-active and committed. They have really supported us on our IATI journey and are a lovely team of people to work with. Thank you for your expertise and positive attitude!

Nancy Duckels - Senior Transparency Officer

IATI is helping Trócaire meet our aspirations regarding accountability and transparency. Data4Developemnt helpud us to recognise the potential of IATI and supported us on our journey with practical steps to publish our data to the IATI Standard.

Angela O’Neill de Guilio - Head of Global Partnerships and Funding

I would like to thank the D4D team for the quick and continuous support! I have never worked on IATI before and you made it an easy and simple task. You remained available for answering all the questions and you were very flexible and open to explain several times IATI requirements and how to fill in the data.

The pleasure was all mine working with D4D remotely, they kept on checking the quality of data and provided feedback accordingly. Also, the training provided by the D4D team at our premises was very helpful, informative and practical. Thanks again for your support.

Cynthia Rahy - Senior Officer

D4D installed the Spreadsheet2IATI converter and a Data Quality Checker at Aidsfonds. This allows us to easily publish our large project portfolio in IATI. The team was capable and thought along with us to provide us with what we needed.

Susanne Peters - Functioneel Applicatiebeheerder

Without a doubt the team from Data4Development enabled Concern Worldwide to achieve data transparency on all DFID grants. Until we brought Maaike and the team on-board, we struggled to understand the data structures required to upload data to the IATI Registry. The whole project took a huge leap forwards towards completion with their help.

Bernard Gaughan - Head of Information Systems
Concern Worldwide

Data4Development helped us to properly structure our IATI publications and set us on the right path for growth with our Regional Offices publishing independently.

Nicolaas van Boeckel - Global IT Manager

D4D helped us out in a good and professional way when we were looking for an efficient solution to making our Caritas Europa mapping system IATI compatible earlier this year. With their vast IATI experience and understanding of the international NGO sector, D4D immediately understood what our needs were as a European -, and global NGO network. It has been a really smooth cooperation process and I highly recommend D4D!

Miriam Pikaar - Programme Manager
Caritas Europa

With the Spreadsheet2IATI converter D4D offers a great product. We got to know D4D as a reliable partner with a thorough knowledge of IATI and IT. D4D thinks along with you and responds quickly to questions.

Paul Schot - Planning, Monitoring, Auditing
Woord en Daad

The collaboration with Data4Development went very well. They definitely had a custom approach which adjusted to the needs of our alliance and responded quickly to our questions. It was difficult at first to navigate through our extensive data, but in the end we were happily surprised that the job was done relatively quickly.

Odilia van Manen - Programme Manager
Her Choice

We would like to thank you for the IATI training course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative training. This has more than met my expectations. A wonderfully practical course – both personally and professionally. In addition, we highly appreciate the continuous handling of several requests  from your support team and solving them promptly. Thank you again and looking forward to working with you

Bassam Nassar - IT & MIS
Economic and Social Fund for Development

Publishing on IATI proved to be a very practical and efficient way when reporting for a project’s overall description, implementation and progress. In fact, we had experienced minor complications at first, but with the support of the team we managed to familiarize with the platform and successfully publish our project’s achievements. Thus, the training was necessary and proved to be very useful as we are now well equipped when using IATI. Hopefully we can transform this experience to thereby use IATI as a reporting tool within our institutions.

Rhagida Ghamlouch - Senior Program Manager
Abbad Mena

For Who?

Are you a:

  • M&E Specialist
  • Communication Specialist
  • Manager
  • Director

… and are you just getting started, or is your organisation already working with IATI? Our tools and services are for the NGO professionals who want to be in control of their data. We can help you get started with your first publications or help you optimize your existing data production and publishing processes.

How we work

Become a front runner on transparency

Reporting in IATI increasingly becomes a comparative advantage. 
If you receive funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) or the Dutch or Belgian governments, you are required to publish your activities in IATI. We see other donors moving this way as well.
Use IATI to show that your organisation is committed to international aid transparency and effectiveness as well as to adapt to a changing environment and ready for a data-oriented future.

Embed data-driven decision making in your organisation

Use the IATI Standard as your organisation-wide data model to link and aggregate data from project-level to organisational/management level. IATI allows you to bring together both finance and results in information in one Single Source of Truth. We have seen that IATI can be a driving force for enhancing your organisation's information management processes towards data-driven decision making.

Communicate & Share

Use IATI to communicate progress and share insights about projects with external stakeholders and audiences through interactive visualisations. Use IATI data to enrich your website and to make project information easily accessible. Using IATI Standard as the central data standard in consortia or partnerships allows your organisation to collaborate more easily as information can be easily exchanged and aggregated.

Use cases

D4D is a front runner in providing IATI expertise to publishers and other stakeholders.

We are active in the international IATI community on both the strategic and technical level.
We are part of the IATI Member’s Assembly and our CFO takes part in the IATI Technical Working Group.

We have worked over 30 organisations on IATI, for instance:

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Online IATI training with Scotland’s International Development Alliance

Last week, Data4Development gave a training on the use of IATI on data transparency, equipping 9 non-profits organisations from the UK with all the skills one’s need to start publishing on IATI. The training was organised by the Scotland’s International Development Alliance. We interviewed Laura Ffrench-Constant to get more insights about the perception of IATI within her organization.

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The rise of IATI: how the initiative is expanding throughout the world

From 10 years ago when it started in the Netherlands to where we stand today, 1,059,495 activities were published by over 1250 organisations around the world. More and more countries commit to publishing in #IATI and the number of open #aid #data portals are on the rise. Many aid data events where IATI plays a role happened lately as the Day of Transparency of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and the KfW virtual conference on Remote Management and Monitoring.

February 11, 2021
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Closing the IATI loop for increased transparency

  More resources and funding is going to the Global South than ever before. Funders like the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FCOO (previously DfiD) have agreed that, for increased transparency, publishing to IATI is part of the contractual obligation when receiving funding. Many more donors are supporting the IATI initiative. But if you…

September 10, 2020
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Welcoming new types of publishers

In addition to the fact that more NGOs are becoming publishers, we see a growing number of Private Sector Companies who are now publishing in IATI. We have recently started supporting one of them, the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG), who is an innovative infrastructure development and finance organisation delivering pioneering infrastructure in the poorest…

September 8, 2020
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Transparency further down the aid chain

As we wrote previously, IATI is rapidly scaling up! In recent years the initiative has grown from around 380 publishers at the start of 2016 to 1200 as of August 2020, with over 100 new publishers joining in the last half year alone. This is a great development and shows the value of IATI as…

August 25, 2020
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