Why is data important for non-profit organisations?

More data than ever

More data is being produced now than ever before, leaving nonprofits with a tough yet important task: transforming your complex numbers and valuable narratives into easy to understand visualizations.

Your stakeholders require it

It is crucial to effectively communicate nonprofit’s progress and outcomes. If visualized data is used correctly, it is the perfect way to engage your audience while successfully getting your point across.

Create the right framework

Data analysis & visualization are important for volunteers, communities, funders and policymakers to gain insights into the impact of the work.

Data 4 Development - Dashboard


For Who?

Data4Development has been a great partner in thinking along with us on how to address our need to improve our data literacy as an organisation. Together, we have developed a tailor made data literacy trajectory. Their flexibility on this journey has been key for the success of the activity. at Save the Children, we have developed our skills on data while working together and having fun as a team.

Luca Genovese - MEAL Advisor
Save the Children Netherlands
  • Manager active in the Aidchain
  • Programme/Project Officer
  • Application Manager

… and do you want to take the next step in your data journey? We can help get you started. It doesn't matter were in your journey you are. Data4Development can help you reach your potential!

How we work

Harmonize your KPI's

We help organisations to cut the clutter and design a framework to measure organisational performance on various levels.

Join the Data Journey

We interact with your teams and make them part of the approach and solution.

Guard Data Quality

We look at possibilities to make sure all effort regarding data quality is kept within the organisation after we leave.

Use cases

Combining various skillsets within Data4development (M&E, operations, finance, IT, data analysis, fund raising) , we ensure that the context of our clients is always represented solving use cases at hand.

We have worked with (among others):

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