A new Open Tea is coming!

We invite you to the second D4D Open Tea of 2019 at PAX in Utrecht! This time, three NGO data experts will take the stage to talk about their data challenges in order to get some insights from other experts in the room. If you are interested to learn more about data in a NGO context, or just want to meet new data experts, you are invited to join is on September 26th! The three speakers work at Cordaid, Data4Development and Arisa.

Cordaid’s Results Based Financing System (15.45)

Cordaid is currently carrying out a major program on Results Based Financing in Education in 1350 schools in DR Congo.
As there are over a 100 indicators based on quality and quantity that are measured every quarter to be able to make the payments, Cordaid has build a data system in DHIS2 where there is mobile data collection, cleaning, analysis and invoicing done. On top of that, they have launched a public portal for other stakeholder like the Ministry of Education to monitor the progress and use the result.
During the presentation, Lisette van ‘t Klooster will show this portal and how it works. She will also discuss certain issues around data quality.

Data4Development’s updates about IATI (16.05)

Data4Developments Maaike Blom and Rolf Kleef joined the IATI Members’ Assembly at the beginning of September where the IATI strategy for the next five years was discussed. In the fall, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will solicit proposals for the next round of Strategic Partnerships of five years. How do these developments influence the data, IT and innovation strategy of your NGO?

Data4Development supports organisations to publish, use and improve IATI data to manage and monitor programmes. We recently joined IATI as a member, to help develop the Standard further and contribute experiences and practices we encounter.

We will share an update from the Members Assembly with the latest examples of how IATI is used to make sharing information with partners more valuable, and how the new IATI Datastore and Validator can help.

SOMO’s & Arisa’s research into the Indian textile industry (16.25)

SOMO and Arisa, both Human Rights organizations, are executing new research into the working and living conditions of labourers in the textile industry in Tamil Nadu, India. This research builds on previous research (see: Flawed Fabrics and Fabric of Slavery), but there will be a significant increase in the amount of quantitative and qualitative data which will be collected.

The incoming data will be both qualitative and quantitative, which makes processing the data more complex. Arisa’s expert, Diewertje Heyl, will have some interesting questions regarding this challenge and is seeking insight and/or answers from other data experts!

The program will start at 15.30 until 17.00 at PAX, followed by networking drinks.
Address PAX:  St Jacobsstraat 12, 3511 BS Utrecht