DATA consultancy

Data4Development can guide you in all stages of your data journey. This can be anything from data gathering and digitisation to data modelling for monitoring the strategic goals of your organisation. We offer consultancy on dashboarding and data use. Every organisation has different requirements when it comes to data and our solutions are tailor-made to suit the problems of each company that we work with. We help you to make data-driven decisions.


We can help you gather valuable data to base your strategic decisions and link the data gathered in the field to the project or strategic indicators. We can support you in survey tooling and digitisation along with many other methods.

Data should be structured in such a way that it makes sense, is measurable, can be aggregated when needed, and gives you the insights. In order to do that, we can help with making a data model that has a clear structure, is connected to provide steering information, is standardised and will increase efficiency and effectiveness. It can also be linked to your organisation's strategic KPIs or result framework.

We can help you with better data analysis - leading to data-driven decision making. This can be for KPIs but also combining data from different core processes like monitoring and evaluating, CRM, Finance and much more in one overview.

We can help to make data more measurable, meaningful and useful for strategic decisions. With the creation of dashboards, it is possible to quickly convey data in a meaningful way to your stakeholders.

“I would like to thank the D4D team for the quick and continuous support! I have never worked on IATI before and you made it an easy and simple task. You remained available for answering all the questions and you were very flexible and open to explain several times IATI requirements and how to fill in the data. Thanks again for your support!”

Cynthia Rahy
Senior Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer, Berytech