Data Literacy for Data-Driven Decision Making

Earlier this year, Data4Development was approached by Save the Children Netherlands (StC) with the question: how can we, at Save the Children, increase our data literacy to become more data-driven? 
This question made our hearts pound as data-driven decision making and data literacy run through our veins! To tackle the challenge of StC and support their trajectory towards Data Literacy, we designed a Data Literacy Journey. 

From the first steps with data…

This journey started with workshops to help the staff get familiar with data and concluded with a hackathon to let the participants apply their learnings and first-handedly experience what their new data knowledge can contribute to their everyday work. The workshops were designed to teach the participants how to understand, use and interpret data. In the workshops we took the StC staff from excel to more advanced Power BI reporting.

…towards hacking for data insights!

The journey was concluded with a hackathon. The hackathon was an opportunity for the participants to apply their learnings from the workshops. They were able to first-handedly experience how they can gain insights from their data and how they can integrate these data practices in their every day work.In this hackathon, teams eagerly and enthusiastically solved real data questions of StC by finding the answers to these questions in the data and creating meaningful reports. The StC staff learned to truly use and gain meaningful insights from their data. From now on, they can use their data in their daily work and become more effective by taking data-driven decisions! 
If you are facing a similar challenge in your organisation or would like to find out more about data literacy and data-driven decision making, send us a message.