DATA Training


In today’s data rich age, it’s a responsibility for everyone to understand, use and communicate with data effectively. To future-proof your organisation it requires everyone to be data literate. Our data literacy workshops are tailored to your organisations needs, and help you to get the most out of your data.

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90% of nonprofits collect data, 49% do not know how their data is collected and only 5% use data to make decisions. There is a knowledge gap between the team responsible for data analysis and the average nonprofit employee when it comes to managing and analysing data.

Data skills are essential to everyone. To future-proof your organisation it is required that everyone is data literate. Making sense of data is no longer just a skill of data experts, but is an essential skill for anyone.

The data training is therefore inclusive for everyone. From beginners, who can start building a foundation to advanced team members, who can reinforce their skills, mentor others and help your organisation lead with data.  We guide organisations to use their data better and organise their internal processes around data.

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Data4Development has been a great partner in thinking along with us on how to address our need to improve our data literacy as an organisation. Together, we have developed a tailor made data literacy trajectory. Their flexibility on this journey has been key for the success of the activity at Save the Children, we have developed our skills on data while working together and having fun as a team.

Luca Genovese,
Senior MEAL Advisor, Save the Children Netherlands