Stepping up in your Data Journey

Where are you now and how can you move towards impact?

You are always somewhere on the path between data and wisdom. Consciously or subconsciously, as an organisation and as a person, input from your surroundings is continually entered as data, which you either choose to discard, or process into useful information. Afterwards you could then learn to apply your knowledge in practice by combining information sources, and finally, move towards evaluated understanding, or wisdom. But there is one extra step to take! Read how we help organisations reach impact through their data journey.


A poll at our IATI Learning event showed that the key motivation for reporting in IATI is to meet external donor requirements. As D4D, we are approached as an expert to help meet these requirements by publishing data. Our aim with IATI is provide support to do this meaningfully, increasing data transparency across the sector and furthering understanding that IATI is just the beginning. We have recently launched our IATI Publishing Starter Training, specifically designed for those that want to become an IATI publisher but are unsure how to do this. This practical and hands on training might be just what you need to get started!
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The Fourth Annual D4D & Partos IATI Learning Event was a great success! We welcomed around 75 (inter)national participants to discuss IATI from Publication to Data Use. The presenters shared three perspectives: Results Reporting, Ensuring Quality, and Making Data Speak. Participants put their minds together in the workshops to work out how their data can become meaningful information for both themselves and their donors, as well as the public users of this open data source who are eager to learn how the aid sector is functioning.
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An exciting partnership that is now in the works is our collaboration with Scienta, a smart application that functions as a central starting point for finding your organisational information. Easy access to your procedures, manuals and business information leads to smoother process management and improved overall quality. Practical knowledge of your way of working helps to increase effectiveness and allow people to come together by sharing.


Among other things, being wise is about being able to evaluate honestly and move towards understanding. For example, are you as an organisation able to take a step back and evaluate your performance?
We know that data it is not all about technology. So how efficient is your organisation? And how do you compare to others?  We are working with Sarah Abdelatif to perform her Master Thesis research on Performance Management in the Dutch non-profit sector. Take five minutes to fill in a short survey and get the opportunity to learn about your own performance. We will provide you with the outcome after the research is complete.
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D4D’s vision is to have ‘data-driven decision making embedded at the core of all non-profit organisations to reach lasting results and more impact’. One of the things that we are excited about is that of measuring impact through dashboarding tools. We have been working with the Dutch Relief Alliance to link and align the data of 16 organisations, and by this cross-sectional analysis, have meaningful insights into their activities that will lead to improving their results. And this is why we do what we do!
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