IATI Consultancy

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The Data4Development IATI Consultancy Team can guide you through all stages of your IATI journey whether you are just starting or have been publishing for some time already. We not only help you to become fully compliant and achieve high-quality publishing to IATI, but we also help you move beyond that and make strategic evidence-based decisions using your IATI data.

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At Data4Development we understand that reporting in IATI can be a difficult process. We can help ensure that your data is compliant with the IATI standard and achieve high-quality publishing. We help you structure and prepare your project related data in such a way that your organisation’s work is represented properly on all open aid data portals and satisfies your donors needs. 

Once you have started to report in IATI it is important to build internal capacity to ensure the publication process is embedded in the organisation. This is one of the benefits of IATI consulting. We ensure that you have the internal processes, governance and systems in place to report in IATI for the future, including your open data and/or exclusion policy. 

The full potential of IATI data is that it standardises data across organisations. By making proper use of the standard an NGO can avoid having to digest loads of information to come up with one donor report, but can re-use the same data for different purposes. Once published the data can be used to communicate your results on your website. Also, it can support you to compare and analyse beyond your own organisation’s efforts, identifying new opportunities or threats

Switching over to use our new Dynamics 365 CRM to enable us to report to IATI felt like a very daunting task fraught with lots of complexities. The calm and positive approach of the consultant at D4D soon made us feel confident that we would be able to successfully publish. The attention to detail and diligence of the team at D4D was faultless. We are feeling much more confident now in our knowledge of IATI and have a much more streamline process in place to publish the data.

Nicola Taylor
Change Programme Lead, Plan International UK