IATI Dashboarding


We help you with the rollout of your IATI Dashboard. We also help you determine which data is important for your organisation and how you can provide the best insight into your results and activities. Additionally, we can build a data set that your employees can use to generate new insights and become data-driven. Or we use IATI data to build your alliance dashboard.

information IATI dashboarding

More data is being produced now than ever before, leaving nonprofits with a tough yet important task: transforming your complex numbers into easy to understand visualisations.

It is crucial to effectively communicate a nonprofit’s progress and outcomes. If visualised data is used correctly, it is the perfect way to engage your audience while successfully getting your point across. 

Whether it be a nonprofit’s event results, member demographics, donor giving patterns, etc., visualising data will help draw conclusions in an easy-to-read manner.

Data analysis and visualisation are important for volunteers, communities, funders and policymakers to gain insights on the impact of the work, making decisions, for collaborating and for strategic planning. We will help make visual insights of your raw data by making it easy to read and share. The reports and dashboards created using Business Intelligence tools help in communicating your outcomes effectively.

D4D helped us out in a good and professional way when we were looking for an efficient solution to making our Caritas Europa mapping system IATI compatible earlier this year. With their vast IATI experience and understanding of the international NGO sector, D4D immediately understood what our needs were as a European -, and global NGO network. It has been a really smooth cooperation process and I highly recommend D4D!

Miriam Pikaar
Institutional Development Officer, Caritas Europa