IATI spreadsheets


Publishing to IATI can be a tedious task that requires quite the time investment. With the Spreadsheets2IATI Converter 2021, we offer those who want to publish IATI data an accessible and flexible tool that makes publishing to IATI hassle-free. You work in and update spreadsheets with your data. The Converter reads the data and turns the data into the format needed for IATI.

information IATI spreadsheets

With the help of Spreadsheets2IATI Converter 2021 tool, it only takes a few steps to get published:

  • You create or update spreadsheets with the information that needs to go into your IATI data, using our standard spreadsheet templates.
  • You put the spreadsheets in a designated folder: the converter reads all spreadsheets and produces the IATI files, checking if they are valid.
  • Using the Data Quality Validator you can check your data and make easy corrections. Data4Development publishes the files for you.

Aid professionals who have the responsibility to publish IATI data.

Without a doubt the team from Data4Development enabled Concern Worldwide to achieve data transparency on all DFID grants. Until we brought Maaike and the team on-board, we struggled to understand the data structures required to upload data to the IATI Registry. The whole project took a huge leap forwards towards completion with their help.

Bernard Gaughan
Head of Information Systems, Auditing, Concern Worldwide