IATI Training


For many organisations, publishing in IATI is a prerequisite for funding, but they don’t know where to start. Data4Development has supported dozens of organisations, in the Netherlands and internationally, to take their first steps in understanding and working with IATI. We help them meet their donor obligations, but also move beyond that. 

information IATI training

For individuals and organisations that would like to learn more about IATI. Whether you are required to publish in IATI by your donors or you simply would like to discover how IATI data helps to increase transparency, this training session is for you. No previous knowledge is needed to be able to follow the training content.

At the end of the training you will have gained:

  • Awareness of the goal of IATI and what you can use IATI for;
  • Knowledge of the main concepts of an IATI publication and be able to work with it in practice;
  • Understanding of how you can structure an IATI publication;
  • Insight into how you can find and use IATI data.

Are you ready to dive into the world of IATI? Data4Development offers a comprehensive 3 hour crash course where you can learn step-by-step about IATI data and the ways you can use it. 


  • IATI Basics
    • What is IATI?
    • Why should I care about IATI?
  • Your IATI Story 
    • How can my organisation tell our story through IATI?
    • How can I understand other organisations' stories through IATI?
  • IATI Elements
    • What is IATI made up of? 
    • What do the different elements mean?
  • IATI Tools 
    • How can I publish my own IATI data?
    • How can I find and use other organisations' IATI data?

Data4Development organises online IATI training sessions. The training covers theoretical and practical information on IATI, as well as interactive elements to improve your understanding of and ability to use IATI data. Following the session, you will receive instruction and information materials to aid your IATI journey. 

When? The next session is still TBD. Please express your interest in attending by clicking the button below.


Frequently asked questions 

As a first introduction to IATI, we provide free introductory training materials for you to get acquainted with the Standard. Download it by clicking the link below.

Click here to download your FREE training material 


Publishing on IATI proved to be a very practical and efficient way when reporting for a project’s overall description, implementation and progress. In fact, we had experienced minor complications at first, but with the support of the team we managed to familiarize ourselves with the platform and successfully publish our project’s achievements.

Thus, the training was necessary and proved to be very useful as we are now well equipped when using IATI. Hopefully we can transform this experience to thereby use IATI as a reporting tool within our institutions.

Rhagida Ghamlouch
Senior Program Manager, Abbad Mena