Data challenges or data opportunities?

As a strong advocate for data-driven knowledge and decision making in the nonprofit sector, it is interesting to see how more and more organizations are becoming aware of the importance of data. They view gathering and using data as a tool that can help strengthen their work, rather than only an obligation from donors that needs to be met.

We see this during events we have joined or organized, such as the IATI Learning Event or the Open Tea gatherings. We also encounter many questions and challenges in working with various clients, such as: How do I understand my organizational processes? How do I structure my activities efficiently How can I get real information from my results that inform my decisions? How do I show our impact to others? To help meet these challenges, D4D offers services and expertise in several fields.

Mapping organisational processes through CRM Implementation

To work efficiently as an organization, it is crucial that internal processes are clearly defined and that there are tools that serve these processes. Therefore we often start with process mapping before we begin with implementing an application. For example, over 90 processes related to client management have been mapped for the Protestant Church Netherlands (PKN). This gives us a detailed understanding of the requirements they have for a CRM system, as well as the opportunity to optimize these processes and increase their impact.
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Achieving Data Quality with IATI

As IATI still proves to be a technical challenge for many organizations, D4D is collaborating with various parties to strengthen the communities’ IATI knowledge and skills and provide tools to help them improve their data quality. In April, we hosted a Learning Event and in November Maaike is presenting at the Nethope Global Summit on Transparency through IATI. Also, we are also happy to make an early announcement of the Data Quality Validator platform, developed in collaboration with both the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the DFID in the UK to help publishers correct errors in their IATI data.
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Visualising your data through Power BI and other Dashboarding tools

More data than ever before is being produced now. This leaves nonprofits with the challenges of transforming complex numbers into easy to understand visualizations, helping to engage their audience, and gain valuable insight about activities, finances and impact. Power BI and other Business Intelligence tools help make visual insights of raw data, making it easy to read and share. We help nonprofits determine which data is important, build datasets, and customize reports and dashboards according to their Business Intelligence needs.
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