Strategic Partnerships: Strengthen your report

For those organisations participating in the new cycle of Strategic Partnerships, an important factor that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) weighs in their decision is the financial and organisational capacity of the partner to implement their projects.

What is the COCA?

Reviewing how you rate on the Ministry’s COCA (Checklist Organisational Capacity Assessment) is a good step to take. Whether it is your first time having a capacity assessment done or you are looking to renew approval, let us give you some highlights of the COCA that specifically relate to data and information management: 

  • What is your organisational motivation and strategy? Do you have a Theory of Change based on evidence?
  • What is your Track Record in reaching your goals and desired impact?
  • What is your structure & governance, are Key Point Indicators monitored?
  • To which extent do you report in conformity with IATI? Taking into account aspects such as reporting frequency, quality of data collection and reporting, results reporting and compliance with MoFA’s requirements.

What can you do?

If you are looking to strengthen your organisational capacity assessment, incorporating clear data and improving your IATI reporting is the way to do so. How can you get started?

  • Take a look at your organisation’s IATI Quality using the Validator Report that we developed together with MoFA and find out more about our IATI services, from getting started to IATI to improving data quality and reaping additional benefits.
  • Watch our take on why it is important to incorporate information management in your Strategic Partnership proposal and read more on how we can help you.
  • Contact us to learn more about how we can incorporate data driven decision making in your organisation to reach more impact.