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The exponential growth of data

Nonprofits produce more relevant data now than ever before. This includes data about projects, finance, results achieved and the impact created. Yet as data within nonprofits is growing exponentially both in size and type, we see that nonprofits face a challenge to properly structure, filter and combine data to really use it for effective decision making.

Why a dashboard?

A dashboard allows your organisation to aggregate, combine and restructure data in order to create key insights for monitoring, communication and ultimately data driven decision making. We develop dashboards that can serve multiple purposes, audiences and needs – from organisation, to consortium and project-level focussed dashboards. A business intelligence dashboard allows you to:


  • Make your performance data come alive: Create meaningful insights and be up-to-date about financial health, resources and results by visualizing real-time data on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Connect people, systems and processes: Create a central and accessible platform to collaborate within or beyond your organisation without having to change the systems you work with; 

Communicate effectively: Produce reports and share relevant insights with your external audiences such as donors.

How we design a dashboard

Many assume that developing a dashboard is centered around digital technology. However, Data4Development believes technology is just one piece of the puzzle. In creating dashboards, we are convinced that we need people and the processes as much as we need technology. Only when people, processes and technology are truly aligned, technology can actually work and data starts to speak.

visualisation people, process and technology

Use case

Green Business Club: The Sustainability Impact Dashboard

The Green Business Club Nederland is a network of local Green Business Clubs around the Netherlands. They connect and support businesses, municipalities, knowledge institutes and other stakeholders. This helps them to create and enhance sustainable business operations.


Yet what does our People, Process, Technology (PPT) approach mean in practice? The Sustainability Impact Dashboard we have recently developed for the Green Business Club (GBC) is a great case to illustrate how PPT translates to reality.

Data4Development is here to help you step up.

Curious to find out more or are you ready to turn data into wisdom? The dashboard is online <link project>. 

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