Data4Development has several implementation services for your IT environment.

D4D stands for comprehensive and effective organization of information management.
To help achieve this, we offer several services to develop your organization’s application- and data-landscape; from strategy to implementation.
We can also map your organizational processes to support an overall optimization of your impact.
If you are on the verge of replacing an application, we can help you make the right choice and support what comes next.

Implementation services

Workplace automation

D4D gives advice on automating your workplace, including the choice for a suitable IT infrastructure and basic applications.

Application landscape

Choice of the right applications is essential. These provide your organisation with the necessary management information.

Cloud migration

D4D guides the process of securely storing data in the Cloud, so that this is easily and continually accessible to your organisation.

IT security

D4D has the expertise on cyber solutions needed to help you become compliant with all demands the government makes on your data storage regarding privacy and security.

Process optimization

D4D helps you to make smart choices, so you only need to gather the data which is needed to reach your organisational goals.

Planning & Monitoring

D4D helps you to organise and standardise, so you can (once again) have a good grasp of your important management information.

BI & Analytics

D4D looks with you how to make clever use of the available information or to gain access to new data sources.

Knowledge services

D4D supports the implementation of knowledge solutions and systems (data banks, libraries).

Data4Development leads you to a successful G-Suite implementation

For social enterprises, there is a great deal to be gained by making the transfer to Google. G-Suite is especially suitable for organisations that cooperate on a national and international level, and is a good replacement for the use of disjointed systems such as Microsoft Office, Sharepoint and Dropbox, which are not integrated with other applications, are not secure, and have expensive licenses.

Working is easier with G-Suite

Because the applications of Google are designed to work together the work is made simpler, which enhances productivity. Cooperation between employees is also easier than ever. The new strategic partnership between Google and Salesforce will continue to enhance integration, making G-Suite an extremely interesting option for Salesforce users. There is also a lot of money to be saved by transferring to Google, as they offer free and unlimited licenses for NGOs and educational facilities. The G-Suite environment is secure, which is one of the most important requirements of the new GDPR regulations. By opting for Google your organisation takes a large step forwards in achieving security.

What we do

Data4Development offers guidance as you transfer to Google. As an independent party, we are familiar with this new generation of applications, and we have a lot of experience in working with NGOs. Through our knowledge of the sector, we know how partner organisations work, and we have seen how the use of G-Suite has bridged the gap between the main office and local offices. It is also the best solution for countries that have limited bandwidth. D4D takes care of the G-Suite implementation for your organisation by making an inventory of licenses, signaling cost-saving opportunities, and guiding employees to the new way of working in the Cloud.

Want to know more about how G-suite can help your organization? Please check: Welcome to Google for Nonprofits

Want help with your implementation set up?

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