Current and previous customers about our added value for your Strategic Partnership

For the past months we have been saying we would like to be your innovation partner to think alongside you and add value to your Strategic Partnership proposal in terms of digital innovation, data drivenness and increased transparency.

Today we want to give the floor to current and previous customers, whom we’ve worked with on exactly the topics that are relevant now.

Data management including data quality

IATI is helping trocaire meet our aspirations regarding accountability and transparency. D4D helped us to recognise the potential of IATI and supported us on our journey with practical steps to publish our data to the IATI Standard”.

– Angela O’Neill de Guilio – Head of Global Partnerships and Funding – Trocaire

Data literacy (for the whole alliance)

D4D has been a great partner in thinking along with us on how to address our need to improve our data literacy as an organisation. Together, we have developed a tailor made data literacy trajectory. Their flexibility on this journey had been key for the success of the activity. At Save the Children, we have developed our skills on data while working together and having fun as a team.

– Luca Genovese – MEAL Advisor – Save the Children Netherlands

Improved quality of project management 

D4D helped us with implementing a new application, and I was happily surprised with how quickly we gained extra functionality from the Finance Module. I had expected that the work for our colleagues might be a bit simplified in a year from now, but already now getting a financial report was very easy! I definitely saw the financial manager smiling broadly as a result of the work done so far.”

– Thomas Klompmaker – Manager Finance, Support & Control – Hivos

Choose to have good data quality from the start by thinking about how you will manage your data, measure your results and use them for reporting. Decide if you and your alliance partners want to share your results using dashboards. Think about how to ensure that you and your alliance partners have the same level of data literacy and consistency and use the same standard for data and reporting. This way you can save time and resources and devote more time for the actual projects.

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