Project Change! Migration complete

Can we have a single source of truth and find a way to synchronize the worlds of Finance and Project Management? This was the core question we have helped solve at Hivos. The Hivos ‘Project Change!’ involves implementation and data migration from an end of life ERP solution to a new cloud solution that combined the world of finance & project management. We believe that having a single source of truth within this new application will enable Hivos to obtain essential management information for steering the projects and the organisation in the right direction.

As Data4Development our role in the project consists of two domains. We stepped in as Project Management in which capacity we offered support on policy, reporting and guidance of the project team. We also guided implementation of the new system and made sure all entered projects were handed over to the responsible Project Managers. Our second role was the validation of the received Hivos data.

After months of analysing complex #processes and #data accordingly,we are proud to share with you that the migration to Hivos’ new finance- and project management system is complete! First of all a big ‘Thank You’ for the team work of the whole ‘Core Project Team’ at #Hivos. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic going on everyone was still committed to succeed and deliver this major project on time. The migration has been a challenging process over the last couple of months as we had to keep track of 5.400 moving tasks. Luckily, we are used to working #datadriven and using #datavisualisation to ease the work and monitor the progress of the project. 

For the near future Data4Development has been asked to continue the role of the project lead to ensure the realisation for this project Change! We will continue our effort to support Hivos to further professionalise their operation and become more future proof and data driven. In Project Change! within Hivos, Data4Development’s mission statement resonates and we are committed to continue to keep adding value for similar NGO organisations.