Data Literacy: why it matters for your organisation

How can data literacy increase your organisation’s impact? Save the Children’s NL Data & CRM manager Gerjan Schuttert shares some of his insight on how data literacy influences informed decision making in their organisation. 

How do you think your understanding of data influences your daily tasks?

I think that within our team I have an important role in regards to understanding data. My co-workers often come to me when they want to reach a specific group of people with a campaign. If we have data about that group in our database, we can determine if the campaign would be a good fit. Through an analysis of our Customer Relation Management (CRM) database, it became apparent that our campaigns could be made more effective. 

I am certain that we can increase our impact by increasing our general level of data literacy.

Therefore the workshops that D4D gave on data literacy to the staff of Save the Children NL in the fall of 2019, were inspiring and beneficial. Just learning about Pivot tables during the last workshop will make it easier to filter certain records for some of my colleagues. This new knowledge makes it possible for them to do their work more efficiently. 

What do you think about the data literacy workshops? 

I think it has been super cool to work with your own data and improve your understanding and insight of it. With our fundraising department we have been working on this for quite some time, but I can see that it is also beneficial to the wider organisation. I saw my colleagues getting excited by the visualizations of their data in dashboards. Especially with the plotted map visualisation of the countries where we are active and the number of projects we execute in each country. You cannot escape data as an organization. Data literacy thus is a must to ensure that we make the right decisions.

Second data literacy workshop at Save the Children.

Do you want to learn how data literacy can help your organisation increase its impact?

We offer data literacy workshops tailored to your organisation’s learning needs, where staff will get to increase their skills by working with their own data. Being more data driven as an organisation also requires the organisation to change. We guide organisations to better use their data and organise their internal processes around their data. Want more information? Read more about our data literacy workshops here or get in touch.

As one of the participants in the Digital Journey of the Spindle hosted by Partos, Luca Genovese from Save the Children NL is making his case on what he needs in terms of becoming data driven. Watch the video about the Digital Journey below.