The power of innovation through digitisation

Today is the day of the Partos hackathon as part of the Spindles digital journey. One of the Joined Action Groups is working on building a platform/marketplace for digital innovations. On this platform NGOs can search for existing digital solutions, leave comments with their experience of the products and look at the reviews from others. In this movie Julio Garcia-Martinez from ZOA explains the problem this JAG is trying to tackle, the result they try to achieve and what they would need to get there: 

For those of you who have been invited to write a full Strategic Partnership proposal, now is the time to start thinking about digital tooling and products to serve as a pillar for your organisation. Why not use some funding from the Strategic Partnership to invest in the digitisation of your organisation? The power of innovation through digitisation is a core component in the Strategic Partnership framework, so the opportunity to integrate this in your proposal is evident. 

We as Data4Development would like to be your innovation partner. Curious how we can support you to turn your Strategic Partnership proposal into a data-driven program with high quality data and consistent reporting? Have a look here or let’s have a (digital) coffee.