ProMEva is launched by Data4Development and ICCO

Decisions based on reliable data ensure more impact with increased efficiency.

April 2018 sees the launch of ProMEva, an accessible application that enables development organisations to receive data back from the field that gives real-time information about the progress of a programme. With this app, the developers aim to meet a growing need in the sector, where people wonder how they can best deal with the opportunities and demands of an increasingly information-driven society.

“It is important that the parliament realises that not all results and effects (of development programmes and organisations) are easily captured in indicators.” So says the note about the attention points for the 2018 budget plan for the Dutch ministry of Foreign Trade and International Development. “Counting injections or loans is easy, but for a programme that aims to improve human rights through lobbying this is much more complicated.” By highlighting this this subject, the Dutch government touches on a current issue that is engaging the field of International Development and is growing with the application of the IATI standard and discussions about open data: ‘How do I substantiate the difference that I’m making with reliable data, and how do I do this efficiently?’
Organisations in the sector are more and more looking for ways to measure the effect of their programmes. This is important both for reporting to their financiers, as well as to know which decisions they should make to increase their impact. The tendency has been to report on quantitative data, as stories are always appealing. But how can you find accessible ways to use data to adjust the substantive course?
In order to provide a solution to this, ProMEva was developed. The application is the tool to get more out of your data and your organisation. Hereby the application is not the main point of focus, but the ease of use, and the goal to supply organisations with reliable and usable information. The higher goal of ProMEva is to provide more insight in the impact. With this, you can both prove you’re doing well from an objective source, as know the important management points for the future. 

“If the sector really wants to make a difference, it is important that you can use data to substantiate why you’re programmes are working, and are able to make necessary changes based on that. That’s when you get real value for money”
– Wim Hart, Financial director ICCO

Photo: Data4Development and ICCO celebrate new collaboration

FLTR: Managing Director Gyan Mahadew (D4D), Financial Director Wim Hart (ICCO), Managing Director Maaike Blom (D4D), Software Developer Mirko Pelgrom (ICCO)
About ICCO: ICCO Cooperation, established in 1964,  is a global, non-governmental organization, which mission is to end poverty and injustice in developing countries. ICCO designs, manages, implements and finances programs for inclusive development with focus on economic empowerment of smallholders