IATI Alliance Dashboard

For your strategic partnerships you will be working in consortia. We have previously talked about creating a shared space for your consortium to collect and analyse your results, progress and impact. One way to do this would be an (IATI) alliance dashboard: a digital dashboard based on (IATI) data for all the organizations in the alliance. In this post we want to further explore what this would look like and how it can benefit your organization.

IATI Alliance Dashboard

At Data4Development we have developed dashboards for multiple alliances based on (IATI) data. The dashboard generates an overview of project progress, roles within the alliance, as well as collective impact in different locations. The use of the dashboard allows the consortium to have a centralised tool that provides key information along with a consistent structure of data that can be shared across organisations. 

Why a dashboard? 

A dashboard allows your organisation to aggregate, combine and restructure data in order to create key insights for monitoring, communication and ultimately data driven decision making. A dashboard allows you to:

  • Make your performance data come alive: Create meaningful insights and be up-to-date about financial health, resources and results by visualizing real-time data on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Connect people, systems and processes: Create a central and accessible platform to collaborate within or beyond your organisation without having to change the systems you work with; 
  • Communicate effectively: Produce reports and share relevant insights with your external audiences such as donors.

IATI Dashboards can also have value for communicating with your donors in addition to keep track of your internal organisational processes. 

  • IATI dashboard helps you tell a coherent story of results from millions of rows of data. 
  • It can help you visualize your financial traceability. 
  • It can be input for your own effective communication, project management, learning and planning. 

For an Alliance/ Consortium a dashboard is potentially a steering tool to improve members’ IATI data:

  • A dashboard can help mitigate your reporting pains in addition get an overview of the status of the whole group’s financial situation and reach.
  • Data quality feedback per organisation.
  • Tracking Financial flows as a group and each organization.
  • Overview of the progress of the implementation and results.
  • Have an overview of the alliance and zoom in on individual organization level. 

Therefore, it is time to think about how you can add value to the data you are already collecting, processing and publishing. 

Why Data4Development?

In developing a dashboard, we apply our People, Process, Technology (PPT) approach. While many assume developing a dashboard is just about technology,  we are convinced that people and processes are as relevant as technology. 

In this post we have mainly talked about dashboards based on IATI data, but we are open to explore other data sources to see if we can connect them to your dashboard. We work with different types of dashboarding software that best fit your organisation and wishes (e.g. PowerBI, Google DataStudio).  D4D is committed to helping you gain insights from your data always, everywhere and in a secure way. 

Do you think your consortium would benefit from an (IATI) alliance dashboard? Or do you want more information? Please get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.