Improve your IATI publication for the next round of Strategic Partnerships

Read about the experience of Nikolaos Koufos from SPARK using the IATI Data Validator to improve their IATI publication.

For the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IATI is one of the key components they take into account when considering funding for their new long-term Power of Voices Strategic Partnerships. The Ministry has  specifically put emphasis on IATI by including it in the new version of the Organisational Risk & Integrity Assessment (ORIA: point 3.3.2). All the more reason to improve your IATI data quality like SPARK did!

Data4Development knows that a large number of organizations have already been validating their data using the IATI Data Quality Validator tool, and we wanted to learn more by interviewing Nikolaos Koufos (M&E and Quality Assurance Manager) from SPARK. SPARK was actually the first Dutch organization to publish in IATI and has been publishing in IATI since 24 February 2012!

How are you using the IATI Validator?

Nikolaos finds that the Validator is a useful tool to check SPARK’s IATI data quality, as they did not have a way to improve their IATI data before. They use the feedback from the Validator to resolve errors and warnings and ensure a valid publication. For now, SPARK uses the feedback more intensively for their active programs, while for the programs that ended they do not focus on the suggestions for improvements and optimization from the Validator before they publish to IATI. Their current priority is meeting the contractual obligations from their Donors. However, this might change in the future! 

Any suggestions for Improvement?

Nikolaos suggests that the Validator might give too much information at once, which could be overwhelming for a novice. He therefore suggests making the information more layered. Additionally, it would add value if the errors could direct you to the relevant guideline of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs for when an issue is flagged with your data.

A World without the IATI validator

SPARK would be a bit afraid for a world without the IATI data validator. As without the Validator they would be less confident in the quality of their IATI publications. However, not to worry, the Validator is not going anywhere!

Interested in improving your IATI data?

As you probably know, IATI is one of the key components taken into account by MinBuZa when considering funding for the upcoming Strategic Partnership rounds. Most organizations struggle with their publications and data quality. That is why we have developed the IATI Data Quality Validator! Through the validator, IATI publishers can easily check the quality of their data, and make improvements to increase their transparency and impact. 

Is your organization having trouble with your IATI data quality? Besides the IATI data validator; we offer IATI training and consultancy to improve the quality of publications to increase your organization’s transparency and impact. Interested? Contact us at [email protected] or call at +31 30 7400 054.