Invitation to our free webinar Strategic Partnerships 2.0: Designing good data quality from the start

When: September 1st, 15:00 CET

When do you start thinking about data? Is it embedded into how you design your programme, or is it an afterthought? How can a good data model give your alliance a head start?

Join us on September 1st for a webinar to learn from good practices on embedding data & data quality from the start!

The question of how to collect, store, analyse and report on your data is often only asked after a programme is designed, approved and has started its implementation. This is a missed opportunity. You want the data to work for you and not the other way around. 

We are pleased to host an introductory webinar to present some good practices on designing your programme. The webinar will be presented together with our co-hosts from Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy.

Learn how to move from a joint vision to collecting, storing, analysing and reporting data.  This will enable you to deliver  high quality data for consistent reporting, insights and learning.

Join us to learn more about data design to inform your alliance!

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Data4Development has worked together with several alliances during the last round of SPs and we know that there can be collaboration and reporting challenges. Various partners are not only working with different tools and applications, but even using a different interpretation or type of indicators to measure the results of their work and monitor their progress. This can make it difficult to measure joint impact across the alliance in relation to your Theory of Change, and it is also time consuming. This is valuable time that you would rather spend on creating insights based on your data and learning from it to eventually increase your impact. Getting it right at the beginning can therefore have a huge impact on the success of your entire implementation!

HVFC provides consultancy support with the aim to accelerate performance and work towards achieving sustainable development goals, supporting clients to enhance their networking, capacity and communication strategies and raise more funding for their causes.

So what are the steps of designing a good data model and how can you become data-driven?

What to expect

In this session, we will discuss:

  • How data can be a powerful tool to boost the effectiveness of your alliance;
  • Common challenges you will face when collaborating with multiple datasets;
  • Principles of good data design and management that you can apply for your alliance;
  • Practical investments you might make to improve your (IATI) reporting, data literacy and capacity, and have a shared space for your consortium to collect and analyse your results, progress and impact.

You will learn:

How you can strengthen your Strategic Partnership proposal and implementation by utilising the power of innovation through digitisation, which is a core component in the Strategic Partnership framework.

We hope to see you there! 

The D4D team / The HVFC team

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