Open Tea 2020

What better way to start 2020 than by becoming inspired by others?

On January 16th, we will organise the first Open Tea of 2020, in cooperation with Save the Children. During this edition, speakers from SPARK, Save the Children and Data4Development will take the stage to share their data experience and -challenges.

Nikolaos Koufos – SPARK

Mid 2019, SPARK launched a new MIS for monitoring the KPIs of their programmes that enables aggregation of these KPIs’ data into an organisational level. The system was built in-house, with an objective to initiate standardisation in the monitoring of their programmes and to enable monitoring of the effectiveness of our interventions in an organisational level. 

With this project, SPARK has identified some lessons learned that provide good practices and challenges regarding new MIS implementation and standardisation-work in KPI monitoring.

Luca Genovese – Save the Children Netherlands

As part of a new project to become a learning organisation, Save the Children started a data literacy trajectory in cooperation with Data4Development to boost data literacy within the organisation.

Evidence-based decision making is a key component of learning organisations and the need to improve data literacy was there, but it was unclear how to best respond to it, and how to tailor the trajectory.

At the end of the trajectory, the participants within Save the Children have learned concepts for doing data analysis and data visualisation, however we should find a way to continue the work that we initiated and build on the investment we made. The challenge Save the Children faces is: how do we move on now? What should our next steps be? 

Jeaphianne van Rijn – Data4Development

A few months ago, Jeaphianne joined the Data4Development team as a Data Scientist and has been working on several interesting projects since. During the Open Tea, she will share her experience thus far and give her first impression of the field of NGO’s and nonprofits from her perspective as a developer and data analyst.

Come join the Open Tea!

Is your interest sparked and would you want to join our Open Tea? Please register here and we will see you on January 16th 15:30 at Save the Children!


January 16th 2020
Speakers & Discussion: 15:30 – 17:00
Drinks: 17:00 ~ 18:00
Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 131, 2593 BM Den Haag

About the D4D Open Tea

The Open Tea is an informal network meeting organised by Data4Development on data and information management issues within the non-profit sector. The event offers data professionals in the non-profit sector a platform to get to know each other, exchange knowledge and find solutions to challenges. 

During the Open Tea, three organisations are invited to present a data challenge of approximately 10 minutes, and after we like to give room for discussion, input and questions. By bringing together different perspectives, new insights and solutions are created for data issues within the non-profit sector.