IATI scaling up

At the start of 2016, we combined our IATI expertise within Data4Development, to help organisations routinely publish IATI data as part of their reporting cycles.

There were around 380 IATI publishers back then. Today, we’re close to passing 1100 publishers, almost triple that number. And this growth should continue.

With a solid 5-year strategy, a new Datastore, and the new Validator we as D4D have developed, the technical infrastructure got a boost in 2019. Guidelines on how to use IATI to report on  the SDGs and on humanitarian responses will help make it more relevant still. Portals of the European Union and the USA show IATI’s value in bringing together information from many organisations into a single, high-level overview.

We hope to see the number of publishers will triple again in the next 4 years, and we are ready to help get the next 500 publishers online this year!