IATI, are you publishing already?

As an organisation active on the field of International Development, you are probably already aware of the IATI standard. More and more donors are requiring the publication of data on financial flows and programme results through IATI to increase transparency. However, publishing valid IATI data is a challenge for many organisations.

Since May of 2017, Data4Development has been successfully running the Spreadsheet2IATI service to streamline the reporting process for our clients. The tool offers you standardized (excel) spreadsheets templates you can use and update with your information. The converter reads the spreadsheets, checks if they are valid, and produces the XML files. You receive feedback on the data quality and insight in what is included, to check for completeness.
We have already helped many clients to publish their data succesfully. The IATI Registry has even listed our service as one of the top recommended tools for publishing IATI data!

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Photo’s by Thijs Kurpershoek