GDPR – Don’t suffer risk of image or financial penalties

A current challenge for organisations is the upcoming implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act. The fast changing digital environment has made the European Union aware of the necessity to create new boundaries and provide protection for their citizens. Are you ready for it?

Starting May of 2018, all personal data’, meaning any information relating to an identifiable natural person (e.g. names, addresses, bank records etc.), must be regulated so that the data subject is owner of the  information you have about them, and is protected against any (external) misuse.

Fundraising organisations make use of a large amount of personal data about your donors. This puts them at risk for heavy fines if they do not become GDPR complaint by May 25th 2018, the deadline set by the EU. While achieving Compliance can seem daunting, Data4Development sees the requirements as an opportunity for organisations to increase reliability towards their donor base and improve the quality of their information management.

We offer a GDPR service which provides legal, administrative and technical coverage, giving 100% control of data storage and an increased efficiency in organisational work processes, reducing time and cost spent on administration.

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