Hivos becomes Future Proof through Project Change!

Changes in the International Development Sector have led to a shift for many NGOs from having guaranteed funding to becoming organizations with diversified income streams. As a result there is now a donor-focused with multiple requirements approach in project management. To adapt to these changes, it is necessary for non-profit project management to evolve towards an approach that:

  • is able to take control of project resources and optimize for donor reporting;
  • increases effectiveness by operating in a standardized way;
  • is adding value through providing meaningful reporting.

One of our major projects at the moment is Project Change!, an implementation project at Hivos where we are implementing a new core application. We are currently working on the Project Management Module with the goal to enable Hivos to optimize their project control, increase their overall impact and ultimately, become Future Proof. Additionally, we are focusing on going beyond the technology and including the people and processes. This involves all aspects of change management such as a focus on communication and an agile approach to reaching deliverables. An exciting challenge for both D4D and Hivos! 

Change! is really about more than just a new system, but rather taking another look at our processes, and then being supported or even steered by the system to improve our way of working. – Tini van Goor, Programme Director Hivos

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