Join the Partos IATI Learning Event 2019 on May 9!

Join us for the annual IATI Learning Event on Thursday the 9th of May! This is the fourth learning event organized by D4D and Partos to provide a platform for organisations to exchange experiences in working with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and to learn more about the latest developments, trends and tools. This year, we will focus on the use and application of IATI data. Register here!

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From Publication to Data Use

Amongst Dutch development organisations, we see the focus shift to the actual use of data in IATI. We see a growing interest amongst organizations to unpack the black IATI box and to actually starting to use the IATI data to their advantage. IATI data starts to speak – for organisations, alliances, governments and the wider audience. We see new opportunities and challenges in the fields of data quality, dashboarding, results reporting and data security.

  1. Results Reporting: Strategic Partnerships (Anna Linders & Herman van Loon, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) The Ministry of Foreign affairs will briefly reflect on the use of IATI within the development sector and its relevance as a tool of speaking the same language. It will continue with discussing the development and focus points of the results framework of the programme Dialogue & Dissent.
  2. Data Quality: using the IATI Data Quality Feedback tool (Rolf Kleef, Data4Development) Improving the quality of your IATI data publication is a continuous process. The IATI Data Quality Feedback tool can help you find ways to do that. It checks your data to see if it follows the rules and guidelines of the IATI Standard and of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as DFID. A quick tour to help you get started.
  3. Monitoring with your own data: the DRA Joint Response dashboard (Jorien Schermers, World Vision & Peter Das, ZOA) Working together with 15 organisations in dozens of Joint Responses, IATI data promises to help monitor finances and results. That requires coordination and joint agreements on how each organisation publishes their data. What did we learn so far?

We are looking forward to welcoming you on May 9 @New World Campus, The Hague!