Update from the field: Making Hivos Future Proof through implementing a new system

One of the things we love to do when working with non-profits is taking a deep dive into their systems, applications and work processes during an implementation project. Since the summer of 2018, we have been involved with selecting and implementing a new core application at Hivos, and this continues to be a major project for D4D in 2019.This with the goal of increasing Hivos’ impact and making them more future proof.

At the end of 2018, we were hard at work to meet the deadline for going live with the finance module of the application. D4D has lead the process to formulate and scope the financial management of Hivos in such a way that the actual configuration of the application could follow suit in record time: just 6 weeks, which was an amazing accomplishment! Thomas Klompmaker, manager FSC at Hivos Global Office enthusiastically stated:

“I am happily surprised about the functionality that we have already gained after just implementing the Finance module. I had expected that the work for our colleagues from finance might be a bit simplified in a year from now but now getting a financial report was already very easy! I definitely saw the Finance Manager smiling broadly as a result of the work done so far.”

We are now moving on to the implementation of the Project Management Module. Project management is at the core of Hivos daily operations, with projects all over the globe from Indonesia to Costa Rica. Our main goal is to enable Hivos to optimize their project control  by helping them implement the new project management application. For this reason, we are both helping people to work in a new application as well as focusing on how to use this to support their work processes. After all, it is not only about technology, but about people and process as well.

We are excited about the next stage of our collaboration with Hivos!
Soon we will also tell you more about Hivos’ selection process for their new application and what was the basis for their choice. 

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