Data is not all about technology

Learn more about how we combine People, Process and Technology in our work.

We as D4D love to talk about data, as our primary mission is to help non-profits to enhance their impact by embedding data-driven decision making at the core of their organization. However, perhaps surprisingly to some, our belief in data and information management does not mean that we believe a newer, better system is necessarily the cure-all to reach this mission. Much more than that, we believe that embedding data-driven decision making is driven by organizational change and only possible by having the right combination of people, process and technology.

How do we do this?


When we work with our clients, we are often present in the heart of their organization. Implementing a new system affects many users, and therefore our one of our core principles is a People-oriented approach. In 2019, we are proud to support the Dienstenorganisatie Protestantse Kerk Nederland to implement Salesforce and Hivos to implement AllSolutions, both significant changes to their current application landscape. Harvesting user requirements, building trust through open communication and preparing qualified key-users and ambassadors are all essential steps we take to properly facilitate this change process.

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We see that some organizations perceive publishing in IATI solely as a means to meet donor obligations. In this case, IATI data is often interpreted as static data. However, we believe it can be much more than that. By considering  IATI as a Process,  this will lead the way for many new opportunities. Our approach is therefore not only about publishing, for example through our Spreadsheets2IATI converter, but also about helping you to think about your IATI data as dynamic information and as a process from in- to output. Our all-encompassing Dataworkbench service helps you answer questions such as: How can we make working with data easy and accessible for you and add value to your current workflow? How can publishing become embedded into your natural reporting processes? What are the opportunities that publishing quality data can give you, for example for monitoring and collaboration?
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Finally, technology and tools cán help organizations by creating effective ways to manage their processes and information. For example, we are currently working with the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) to create a custom dashboard for their joint IATI data on the humanitarian responses they carry out collectively. Each of the 16 alliance members reports in IATI individually. However, no tool existed before to aggregate the IATI data of all Joint Responses. The dashboard now allows the Dutch Relief Alliance to monitor and create insights both on alliance level as well as on cross-sectional level. Dashboarding tools such as Power BI create insight into data in an interactive and accessible way and the visuals are always interesting to look at!
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