We invite you to our next IATI learning event

For everyone working with Data4Development and IATI, Partos/ The Spindle are for the third time organizing an IATI learning event this March. Save the date and sign up now!

Do you work with IATI as a tool to report on progress within your programs? Then join us for the next IATI learning event that Data4Development and The Spindle jointly organize on the 22nd of March 2018.

Together we will take stock of recent developments and experiences with IATI. What do we learn from existing good practices of reporting to IATI? What are inspiring examples of using IATI for communication, effective implementation of programs and strategy development? What are the international discussions about the further development of the IATI standard? What can the international IATI community learn from Dutch experience with the implementation of IATI?
Speakers at the IATI learning event will focus on current trends and discuss interesting cases. Also, we will discuss relevant themes such as data-driven decision making and the tension between transparency and privacy & security issues. The program consists of plenary sessions and targeted working group meetings.  For further updates on the program please keep an eye on the meetup event page.

About IATI

IATI is an international, multistakeholder initiative to create transparency and improve effectiveness by publishing data on development cooperation to a common standard, the IATI standard. So basically IATI is the international set of rules to publish and exchange information about development aid. Because of the agreement of the way we publish our information, the information become’s re-usable. Some organisations now publishing use it to fuel their website, visualize information, build management dashboards, create track records and inform internal stakeholders.

Date: 22nd of March
Time: 13.00h – 17.30h
Location: Bleyenberg, The Hague
Costs: free for Partos members, non-members pay a fee of 30 euro.

The meeting is meant for people with at least a basic understanding of IATI, but preferably also some experience. After you have signed up you will receive a link to a survey to enable you to provide input for the event and enable us to get an indication of your learning needs and proficiency level with IATI.

Sign up using the form on the event website.

We look forward to meeting you there!