Ensure business continuity by changing your way of thinking about Cyber Security

While many people perceive Cyber Security to solely be a technical issue concerning anti-virus programming and firewalls, it is increasingly becoming a necessity for ensuring the quality of your business operations. The current GDPR developments have showcased the importance of protecting personal information, and the human element of Cyber Security is gaining recognition.
Data4Development sees Cyber Security as a natural part of your daily business activities. Because of this, we are partnering with SQ Networks, who wish to bring about a cultural change in the way businesses approach Cyber Security. We recently had an interesting meeting with them in which we learned more about their vision, which revolves around getting business back to their regular operations and ensuring business continuity. SQ Network’s focus is achieving business continuity via endpoint security as well as providing businesses with insight and transparency. Rather than fixing problems after infection has already occurred, as is the case with antivirus programmes, a forward looking approach checks for deviant behaviour or suspicious processes, stopping threats before they happen.
Another interesting product that SQ uses to distinguish themselves from security solutions that are purely technical is their Cybernetics analysis and scan. The scan does not protect in itself, but rather offers insight in major threats and their significant level on an interesting and accessible Risk analysis dashboard , and showcases solutions in a detailed report. We are excited about this refreshing personal approach to achieving Cyber Security and look forward to incorporating more of SQ’s ideas into our services!
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