Join the IATI Journey

How do you use your mountains of organisational data to increase your impact? One way is to let us take you on a IATI journey. From producing your first IATI publication, to using IATI data to make data driven decisions, to improving your data quality. Wherever you are in your IATI journey, Data4Development is here […]

Publishing IATI data on COVID-19 activities

Open Data has proven vital for combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. This raises important questions about producing, sharing and using IATI Data as well as highlighting the need for data-driven decision making.

XML, the hidden technology behind IATI and a lot more

Open data has never been more valuable then it is now. Everyone is using open data to communicate about the coronavirus and the IATI open data standard is not staying behind. By publishing timely and comprehensive data, you will be providing partners across the globe with better information to plan, coordinate and evaluate the response […]

IATI Alliance Dashboard

For your strategic partnerships you will be working in consortia. We have previously talked about creating a shared space for your consortium to collect and analyse your results, progress and impact. One way to do this would be an (IATI) alliance dashboard: a digital dashboard based on (IATI) data for all the organizations in the […]

IATI scaling up

At the start of 2016, we combined our IATI expertise within Data4Development, to help organisations routinely publish IATI data as part of their reporting cycles. There were around 380 IATI publishers back then. Today, we’re close to passing 1100 publishers, almost triple that number. And this growth should continue. With a solid 5-year strategy, a […]

The new IATI Validator is open for public testing

With the start of public testing of the new IATI Validator, we like to briefly look back at how we got here, and our vision for the future.
The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) was a key ingredient that brought us together to start Data4Development. We already had experience in helping organisations get on their way publishing IATI data about their work and results, and to use it to coordinate, plan and monitor their efforts.

How D4D makes data driven decisions

“Lead by data driven knowledge” has been D4D’s slogan since our start in 2015. Our purpose is to support NGO’s and non profit organisations with improving the way they produce and use their data in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of  their activities. The term ‘data driven’ can be ambiguous. It is quite a broad and intangible concept. Last week, D4D had an evaluation meeting about its content and outreach strategy, supported by clear data. This example shows how, at Data4Development, we practice what we preach.