Reflecting on the SPARK project

SPARK has the ambition to become a data driven and future proof organisation. Implementing this ambition supports them to increase their impact and accommodate their growth. The first milestone was reached with the Go live of the new financial and project management applications. D4D has been a strategic advisor to support SPARK in the implementation […]

Transformation in practice: how to make a transformation project successful

In May this year, Hivos and D4D closed the Hivos Project Change, a multi-year transformation trajectory. For D4D, this was a major milestone and finalising the project brings us to reflect on the journey we made with Hivos and how we contributed to this important transformation process.  What initiated this transformation process and what were […]

Project Change! Migration complete

Can we have a single source of truth and find a way to synchronize the worlds of Finance and Project Management? This was the core question we have helped solve at Hivos. The Hivos ‘Project Change!’ involves implementation and data migration from an end of life ERP solution to a new cloud solution that combined […]

Current and previous customers about our added value for your Strategic Partnership

For the past months we have been saying we would like to be your innovation partner to think alongside you and add value to your Strategic Partnership proposal in terms of digital innovation, data drivenness and increased transparency. Today we want to give the floor to current and previous customers, whom we’ve worked with on […]

The power of innovation through digitisation

Today is the day of the Partos hackathon as part of the Spindles digital journey. One of the Joined Action Groups is working on building a platform/marketplace for digital innovations. On this platform NGOs can search for existing digital solutions, leave comments with their experience of the products and look at the reviews from others. […]

D4D best practices: user care as an essential part of implementation

For Hivos, we are supporting a major organisation change, driven by their migration to a new core application that combines financial management and project management. This has been one of our major projects for the last two years, and over 60% of Hivos’ projects are now migrated to the new system! This is a turning […]

The Digital Journey continues

The Digital Journey team of the Spindle organised a Pitch Event for Partos members, where problem owners could share their ideas and form Joint Action Groups (JAG). Each JAG is now pitching their ideas to an audience of techies, companies, universities and creatives to reach out for possible contributions. D4D is a contributor to two […]

Contributing to the Digital Journey

The Spindle organises a #DigitalJourney for #Partos members looking to accelerate digital transformation within their organisations in innovative and exciting ways. The goal is to co-create digital strategies in Joint Action Groups to build innovations upon the needs of the #Dutch development organisations and discover solutions for digital challenges. Find out more on the website. […]

First open tea 2020

The first Open Tea of 2020 was a success. Read about the presentations by Save the Children, Spark and Data4Development.

How we design a dashboard: Embedding People, Processes, Technology

Many assume that developing a dashboard is centered around digital technology. However, we as Data4Development believe technology is just one piece of the puzzle. In creating a dashboard, we are convinced that we need people and the processes as much as we need technology. Only when people, processes and technology are truly aligned, can technology really work and data starts to speak.